Youth Tech Tours

Together is a volunteer organization that brings capability and opportunity to the digital community through a series of inclusive initiatives.

Sparking youth interest in tech and design

Our Youth Tech Tour programming began through our mission to expose youth of all backgrounds to the opportunities and individuals working in tech. 

From the early years of high school, students make course selections that direct them towards a particular career path. And often, depending on the school they attend or the people in their lives, technology and STEM paths may not be encouraged as an option. To help solve these challenges, we created Youth Tech Tours.

As part of this programming, a group of young people are taken to several different technology-focused organizations. They are shown what a typical day of a digital professional looks like, and get to meet role-models and experts in each of these various organizations.

How the Youth Tech Tour helps close the gap in tech

“The talk with Grant Skinner was helpful because he focused on practising on honing in your skills. It also made me think about taking computer science next year,”- Saira, FITC Youth Tech Tour participant,

Through opportunities to attend conferences, visit companies, and hear from role models, the tech tours connect the dots to a technology career through youth's existing interests, and helps create awareness of pathways and activities they may have had no prior exposure to.

Many past tech tour participants have gone on to change their electives and planned career or post-secondary plans as a result of our programming!

Previous Youth Tech Tours

Other tech organizations we support

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Canada Learning Code is dedicated to providing digital skills and programming to all Canadians, in particular, women, girls, people with disabilities, Indigenous youth and newcomers.

HEr VOLUTION is an organization focused on encouraging girls and young women to participate in STEM activities and explore STEM career paths.

Brain Tech Robotics offers STEM programming ranging from robotics to race car simulators. Their goal is to enable youth to explore tech, develop their skills, and gain confidence in their STEM abilities.