Together is a volunteer organization that brings capability and opportunity to the digital community through a series of inclusive initiatives.

Accessibility statement

We are committed to making our site accessible so that no one is left out of our programming. \

Below are the areas we've worked to improve in building this site, as well as notes on ongoing issues we're aware of.

Visual design considerations

Text sizes beginning with a larger than standard default type size for titles and body copy across various screen sizes including desktop, tablet, and smartphones.

Line width and line spacing with columns of text that do not exceed 100 characters to help improve readability.

Contrast checking for background/foreground element colour contrast to help ensure legibility.

We’ve used the following tool for contrast checking: WebAIM Wave.

State changes with distinguishing shapes to identify location or user actions.
For example, the selected main menu item is underlined, not just colour shifted.

We’ve used the following tools to review colour blindness scenarios: Accessibility Insights.


This site has been built using Webflow to have a responsive design in consideration of being legible across desktop, tablet, and smartphone screen sizes with little user effort.

Screen reader support

The site has been structured to help assist screen readers using Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) Landmark Roles. This allows users to more easily jump to the appropriate content area of each page.

In addition to the ARIA Landmark Roles, we have used header tags throughout the site to identify titles, subtitles, and other content headers to help users navigate content sections.

Known Issues

Elements that include blog posts often have list tags when there is only one item, which is a function of how these blog posts are added to the website using Webflow.


We have not considered specific cognitive disabilities.

We have not tested with Job Access With Speech (JAWS) or directly with any users of a specific disability. If you have feedback about the site or would like to do a walkthrough together, please contact us (see Contact for Support below).

We have not tested screen reading on Android, Windows, or any other platforms and browsers not noted above. If you’re having a specific issue, please contact us (see Contact for Support below).

Contact us for support

If you’re looking for help accessing any aspect of the site or the information on the site, please feel free to contact us via email at or phone at 416.642.9694.