April 23, 2019

Inspiring Women: The Next Generation of UX Design Leaders will be at FITC Toronto 2019

As part of our Youth Tech Tour, 15 girls from YWCA Toronto’s Girls’ Centre and 10 girls from hErVolution will be attending FITC Toronto 2019 on April 29 - May 1. FITC Toronto 2019 is a globally recognized event focusing on the Future of Innovation, Technology and Creativity. Over the course of three days, attendants will be immersed in workshops, discussions and presentations designed to give them new insights and information on the digital, design and technology industry.

Learning from highly experienced industry professionals, this is a great opportunity for young women who are interested in design and technology. Not only will they get insider knowledge, but they will also get to experience hands-on workshops, discussions and presentations that will give them an advantage in their career.

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Girls playing with a rubix cube at FITC Toronto 2018.

YWCA Toronto’s Girls’ Centre is an inclusive space for girls ages 9-18 of all ethnicities and beliefs, providing a safe space, food, activities and learning programs. Being the only one of it’s kind in Canada, they provide new opportunities in business and technology for over 400 girls.

hEr VOLUTION girls exploring technology.

hErVolution serves young women from underserved communities by providing career support and education opportunities to advance their skills in the STEM industry. They inspire young women to explore a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

FITC Toronto gives you Opportunities

Want to be inspired with new insights, strategies and opportunities? You too can attend FITC Toronto 2019!

The purchase of a ticket to the event will help support women in the design and technology industry.

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Ticket prices vary depending on whether you are a student, group, attending for one day only, attending workshops only, or attending for the entire 3 days.

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A huge thank you goes out to FITC Toronto for providing further opportunities to young women who want to become leaders of the digital, design and technology industry. We hope to see you at FITC Toronto on April 29!