March 4, 2020

Empowering youth in tech and design at FITC Toronto 2020 - CANCELLED

UPDATE: Alas, due to COVID-19 precautions, we were forced to cancel this event.

We’re proud to facilitate another edition of the Girl’s Tech Tour during this year’s FITC conference.

A group of twenty bright and keen young women from the GTHA region are sure to experience three jam-packed days of inspiring, cutting-edge, world-class experiences and talks about technology, design and more.On April 19th, 20th, and 21st, the Together team will accompany staff chaperones from hEr VOLUTION and YWCA Toronto Girls’ Centre for this top-notch conference, which FITC has perfected over 18 years.

Thanks to the generosity of the FITC team, the leadership of hEr VOLUTION and the YWCA Toronto Girls’ Centre, this lucky group of youth will experience the latest and greatest in design, technology, and digital innovation.

Some background on these great organizations: YWCA Toronto’s Girls’ Centre has established the first girl-focused inclusive space for over 400 girls ages 9-18 of all backgrounds, providing a safe space, food, activities and learning programs, and hEr VOLUTION’s programs provide young women from underserved communities with a range of educational and career opportunities to boost their skills and confidence in STEM fields.

Throughout the three day conference, the young women will connect with leading experts in the tech and design industries, and participate in workshops to spark their creativity and tech skills.

Check out our video on the Girls Tech Tour from last year’s FITC Toronto for a glimpse of what this year’s conference entails:

Are you or someone you know interested in attending FITC Toronto this year?

We’re excited to announce that, through hEr VOLUTION, young women can register to attend the event for free. Fill out this form, and if you meet the listed criteria, you too can attend FITC 2020!

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A huge thanks to FITC for providing this life-changing opportunity for young women to attend this year’s conference, and for their continued support of our many initiatives.

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