Together is a volunteer organization that brings capability and opportunity to the digital community through a series of inclusive initiatives.

The Disrupting with Digital professional event series

The Disrupting with Digital professional event series is curated to spotlight exceptional leaders from diverse backgrounds. This executive level event is inclusive by nature, encouraging attendees of all backgrounds to learn from a diverse group of leaders who are making an impact in their professional lives.

With events hosted by Say Yeah, Eighty-Eight, and Boost Agents, Disrupting with Digital brings executives and organizational leaders together to share digital transformation successes, case studies, best practices, and key learnings. Each event provides an opportunity to uncover real-world insights from top brand executives and service providers through keynote presentations, informative panels, and conversations with service design and business leaders.

Past topics have included:

Organizational transformation, with a case study from Lauren Ledwell, Director, Digital Transformation, RBC, and a panel discussion on human-centered design and transforming from within featuring Ontario Government, RBC, The Moment, and Agile by Design.

The transformational impact of cross-organization collaboration, with a keynote from Gina Baillie, Director of Customer Journey Management, World Vision.

Exploring omni-channel, from online to in-person, with Gravity Partners, Indigo, and Scholastic, and highlighting additional examples from Wal-Mart, the Toronto Airport Authority, and many more.

Get involved

In addition to placing a spotlight on digital transformation, Disrupting with Digital events are curated to be a platform for top professionals across a variety of backgrounds, including women, people of colour, members of the LGBTQ community, and more. We lead by example through the curation of the Disrupting with Digital event, ensuring representation from a variety of backgrounds across the speakers we highlight throughout the series. We encourage you to demand this of all conference organizers, who each have a responsibility to curate a wide range of speakers in order to support and encourage a more diverse and capable digital ecosystem.

If you’d like to join us for an upcoming Disrupting with Digital event as a speaker, supporter, or attendee, please let us know through our volunteer signup form.