March 12, 2018

FITC Toronto welcomes the YWCA Toronto’s Girls’ Centre, April 8th to 10th, 2018

FITC Toronto, the technology and creativity conference, welcomes YWCA Toronto’s Girls’ Centre for FITC Toronto 2018 coming up April 8 through 10.

Fifteen girls from YWCA Toronto’s Girls’ Centre will attend FITC Toronto 2018, to learn from the brightest creative and design minds, and be inspired to pursue a career in technology.

Girls with a particular interest in technology and design will experience a day of informative talks, installations, and presentations from leaders from across the global digital, design, and media industry.

A group of girls who attended FITC Toronto 2017.

YWCA Toronto’s Girls’ Centre in east Toronto is the only centre of its kind in Canada. This centre serves girls ages 9-18, of all ethnicities and belief systems, by providing a safe space, food, activities, and learning programs, 7 days a week.

With our collective efforts, we can provide hundreds of girls with new opportunities in business and technology by supporting ongoing Girls' Tech Tours and attendance at conferences like FITC.


You too can get a lot out of FITC

Attending FITC Toronto 2018 is expected to leave you inspired with new insights and strategies that could change the dynamic of your personal or professional work.If you’d like to attend this conference, we encourage you to buy your tickets now! Ticket prices vary depending on whether you are a student, attending with a group, attending for one day or the entire conference, or attending workshops only. With your ticket purchase, you're helping inspire future girls to explore careers in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

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We thank FITC for supporting our efforts to provide more opportunities for the next generation of digital professionals! And we hope to see you at FITC Toronto from April 8 to 10th!